HRI 2017 workshop keynotes


Keynote 1 (09.10)

Agnieszka Wykowska (IIT, Genova), “How attribution of intentionality to robots influences social attunement”

In daily social interactions, we constantly attribute mental states, such as beliefs or intentions, to other humans – to understand and predict their behaviour. Although in the near future, we will casually interact also with artificial agents such as humanoid robots, we might not consider them as having mental states. This can result in not attuning with robots socially, in the sense of activating our mechanisms of social cognition, because it seems pointless to socially attune to something that does not carry social meaning (mental content) under the surface of an observed behaviour. Our previous studies showed that adopting the intentional stance (attribution of intentionality) influences the mechanism of joint attention (Wiese, Wykowska et al., 2012; Wykowska, Wiese et al., 2014). In this talk I will provide an overview of research that has tackled the issue of how attribution of mental states or intentionality influences mechanisms of social cognition. The talk will conclude with an outlook to the future – questions that need to be answered through empirical research, together with discussion on best methodology and experimental protocols to address these questions. Finally, the talk shall lead into the discussion of how human-like should the robot behaviour be, in order to provoke attribution of intentionality and to facilitate recognition of intentions, but not to lead to uncanny valley and potential ethical issues.

Keynote 2 (11.00)

Alessandra Sciutti (IIT, Genova), “Robots reading and communicating intentions – the role of implicit signals”